Does It Work: Grip Go

Does It Work: Grip Go cell phone mount

(KFVS) - It can be tempting to look down at your cell phone while behind the wheel.

Whether it's for maps, or someone calling you, the Grip Go cell phone mount claims to be the safest way to drive and talk.

Erin Jackson spends a lot of time in her car, and on her phone.

"I pick up clients, I take them to different places, I'm back and forth to the office writing notes and back out on the road again," said Jackson.

This social worker is hoping the Grip Go can make for a safer ride, since it claims to allow you to talk and drive more safely.

"I get honked at a lot because I'm sitting there and the light is green," said Jackson.

So what does she hope the product will do?

"That it will make my phone more hands free, since I use it a lot to look up directions and call different people and places and verify appointments, and just make it easier and safer to drive," said Jackson.

Jackson opened the plastic, while I opened the directions.

The directions said we need to find a safe location on the inside of the vehicle's windshield to mount the pedestal.

Jackson mounted the arm just below her rear view mirror.

They went on to say to remove the protective film, and press your device firmly on the grip go pad.

"I don't know if it will stick to the cover," said Jackson.

Jackson stuck her Galaxy S5 phone to the green pad, but the big phone and big case might have been a bit much for the Grip Go arm.

"It's like it's stuck to it, but I don't know if the phone is just too heavy," said Jackson.

Jackson also tried rotating it, to see if the phone would stay in both positions.

She said both directions could come in handy.

"If I were to use the map I would likely turn it, because it would have more of the orientation that I need, but if I were to use the voice activated part, then I would probably do it this way," said Jackson as she moved the Grip Go display orientation.

Now that we seemed to have the hang of it, it was time to buckle up and take this Grip Go for a test drive.

"It's like if I have to glance over and see it, I still see the road, I'm not having to look down, down at my lap at my phone," said Jackson.

Jackson said she currently doesn't text or use her phone while in motion, but said with voice activation, this could allow her to make phone calls while driving.

"Yeah just two mom," said Jackson.

"You're not using your hands, your hands on the wheel where they're supposed to be," said Jackson.

Jackson said with her phone right there, she's not tempted to pick up her phone, and said she really can't because it's stuck to the green pad.

"I like it, it would make my day easier, checking emails, getting phone calls making phone calls, and if I have to text, texting, than it is to have it in my hand, or have it on the dash right here, it's a lot safer," said Jackson.

For the most part, she said it stays where it needs to be, but she even found a little way to prop the phone up under the mirror to make sure it stays in place.

And when she took it off, it wasn't difficult to pull the phone off the green pad.

So over all what does Jackson think?

"I would say 4 and that's only because they didn't take into effect heavier phones and that it does tilt slightly," said Jackson.

Four stars for this Grip Go cell phone mount.

According to the directions, you can use the green pad again and again, you just have to run water over it to make it sticky again.

The product can vary in price, but we found it for $10.

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