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Several arrested after Carbondale street fight goes viral

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - A video has surfaced on YouTube reportedly from late Friday evening to the early morning Saturday depicting a large, violent street fight in downtown Carbondale.

The video shows a group of more than 50 people near Carbondale's downtown strip along South Illinois Avenue between Mill Street and Walnut Street just after 2 a.m. Saturday, according to Shawn Trimble, a Southern Illinois University Carbondale student who says he witnessed the crowd Saturday.

Carbondale police say a group of several hundred people gathered in the road and in a nearby parking lot after a bar closed at 2 a.m.

Danny S. Garner was found to be in possession of a handgun. The suspect fought with officers and ran on foot, but was captured a short distance away. He was arrested on charges of a felon in possession of a firearm, aggravated unlawful use of weapons and resisting a peace officer.

During this same time, several people were arrested for resisting or obstructing a peace officer, during separate incidents related to the disturbances. They were identified as Justin Haney, Joshua Jordan, Robin Kyles, Jalan Davis and Juwan Owens. Each of them was taken to the Carbondale Police Department where they were processed and released on bond.

Garner, Kyles, Davis and Owens are not SIU students. Haney and Jordan are current SIU students.

Rae Goldsmith, SIUC's Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, confirmed the arrests of two SIU students on Monday.

Students identified in the video may be subject to academic violations for breaking the code of conduct outlined in the SIU student handbook, Goldsmith said.

In incidents like what occurred Saturday, she strongly encourages any bystanders to leave the area. She went on to say that witnesses are only adding to the crowd.

The video was posted to YouTube by "PassOutUniversity," on Saturday and has since received more than 15,000 views.

Heartland News has attempted to contact the content creator on YouTube, but has not received word back.

Another video posted to the same channel, reportedly taking place on September 6, depicts violent fights in Carbondale and has received more than 3,000 views.

"I'm from Chicago so it's like, I came here to get away from avoid that," Trimble said. "I come back here and it's the same thing."

Shortly after the video begins, a glass bottle is thrown into the crowd and at least eight people begin to throw punches and kicks toward one another.

Cody Bailey and his sister Callie Bailey watched the video and the two said they're weren't surprised.

"I don't understand why things like that happen in Carbondale," Cody Bailey said.

Ann McMurphy, a Carbondale resident, has seen fights like this before, but not recently. "It looks to me like it was almost somebody looking for a fight," McMurphy said. 

The video was posted to YouTube by "PassOutUniversity," on Saturday and has since received more than 12,000 views.

Heartland News has attempted to contact the content creator on YouTube, but has not received word back.

Roughly one and a half minutes into the video, Carbondale police arrive and the crowd scatters.

After three and a half minutes, the video transitions to video of a Carbondale police officer standing over an item on the ground. 

Watch the video on YouTube here: (WARNING - Video is graphic and contains coarse language.)

Heartland News contacted the Carbondale Police Department for information about the incident, police did not have information regarding the incident at the time.

A Facebook page maintained by firefighter's in Southern Illinois, posted several times about what was heard over emergency radios just after 2 a.m. Saturday.

The page reported an emergency call for a vehicle and pedestrian collision, a fight near the Dairy Queen, and a reports of a man fleeing from police.

The page also wrote, "Reports of guns! State and County being requested to expedite," according to the Southern Illinois Fire Incident's page.

There is still no word yet on who posted the video.

Numerous bystanders recorded the fights on video. The police department requests anyone in possession of video recordings of that morning to provide a copy of the video to the police department.

Anyone with information on the identity of those captured on video committing crimes is also encouraged to share that information with the police department. Information which leads to an arrest may be eligible for a cash reward. The police department is continuing to investigate.

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