A Place to Call Home: Luke

A Place to Call Home: Luke

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - On a beautiful late summer day, 14-year-old Luke enjoys every moment.

There is no place he would rather be than on or near the water with a fishing pole in hand.

"I love fishing, been fishing since I was like 2 years old," said Luke.

On this day, he came prepared with four poles and plenty of bait.

"I like crappie, bass, bluegill, and catfish definitely," said Luke.

He loves catching them all.

He also loves telling stories about the 42-pound catfish he reeled in not long ago.

"It took me 40 minutes to pull it in," said Luke. "It was awesome."

While enjoying the thrill of the catch, Luke also enjoys the peace and simplicity of nature.

"I like that I can go out and calm down, makes me calm...it's peaceful."

It's a getaway from reality.

Luke is living in a group home, and really wants a family he can call his own.

"What I would like in a family is someone to take the initiative to love and care for me."

Luke likes to talk about his problems, and what's going on in his life. He's very open, and extremely personable and friendly.

While waiting on something to take his line, Luke talked about what a potential family should know about him.

"I like that I'm kind and fun to talk to."

He also loves his red hair, and his freckles.

"Yeah, I like my freckles".

His favorite subject is Algebra. He likes social studies and art as well. In fact, art is what is peaking his interest when it comes to the future.

"Was thinking of something along the lines of animation," said Luke.

But, for now he's just focused on being a kid.

"I love basketball, and I want to play football just haven't done it yet."

Luke has that never give up kind of attitude, you could see that on this day when the fish weren't cooperating.

He hopes you'll give him a chance.

"Right now, I've just been excited about being adopted."

He says nothing else matters.

"I'd rather have a home than anything else," said Luke. "If I could trade all these fishing poles to have a home, I'd do it any day."

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