Does It Work: Stone Wave

Does It Work: Stone Wave

(KFVS) - It's a quick way to cook a full meal right in the microwave, and it's a individual serving size.

But does the Stone Wave Microwave Cooker work?

"Now you can make delicious gourmet food in minutes right in your microwave with Stone Wave, the new microwave cooking miracle," the commercial claims.

This stone cookware claims to cook foods like a chocolate souffle or shrimp scampi in minutes.

"I love cooking, I love eating, I'm a food fanatic," said Kimyetta Davis.

Davis cooks in a microwave about 80 percent of the time and hopes this stone wave will help make better meals.

"I like eggs, bacon, my kids, they love pizza, pizza rolls and stuff like that," said Davis.

We opened the box.

"It's little," said Davis.

"Is it smaller than you thought?" I asked.

"Yes ma'am, I'll be able to fit it in the dishwasher," said Davis.

We looked through the mini cook book to choose what to cook.

"Which one do you want to try?"

"Umm, how about the poached eggs," said Davis.

The box does claim the perfect poached egg after all.

The directions say to put one-fourth a teaspoon of water in the cooker.

So we put the water in, cracked the egg and sprinkled it with the spices like the directions say.

The directions say to cook for 20 seconds, let it sit for 20 seconds, and cook for 20 more seconds.

We took it out, and took lid off, and at first glance, it looks a little watery.

Even though the directions don't say to, we thought we would try cooking it a little longer, just to see what happens.

We put the lid back on and put it in for another 20 seconds.

Davis said the pot isn't hot to touch, so she takes it out, it's still a little watery.

She dumped out some of the water, and scooped the egg into a bowl.

It wasn't quite the perfect picture from the box, so we tried it again.

This time we measured out the water with a teaspoon, got another egg and put in the microwave for 20 seconds. We waited 20 seconds, and set the time again for 20 seconds.

"It smells good," said Davis.

Davis said the middle of this one looked done, but said the outside was a little questionable.

Now it was time for the true test, the taste test.

"It's done, just the outside looks really weird," said Davis. "The inside is done, it's good."

She said she liked the taste, but said the first one, which we cooked for 20 seconds longer than the directions looks better.

"The outside is done a little more on this one than this one, I think I like that one a lot better," said Davis referring to the first one compared to the second one.

So does Davis think the Stone Wave works?

"It could probably be a little more accurate with the time, but overall it was pretty good," said Davis. "I would probably use it."

Davis said it just might take a little trial and error, so she gave this microwave stone cookware, 3 stars.

"I think it will be worth it, I really do and 10 dollars isn't that much," said Davis.

We found this stone wave at Walgreens for $10.

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