Public meeting held to discuss future of Cairo

Public meeting held to discuss future of Cairo

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - We've told you about the effort to breathe new life into Cairo, Illinois; and at another public meeting on Thursday, people voiced what changes they think are most important for the town to succeed.

Project coordinators say they've heard concerns from Cairo residents and know some of the main goals for the city. An inviting atmosphere, drawing families and business. But now they want to prioritize those goals.

Some main projects include: new housing, a community center and outdoor trails.

All suggestions the people of Cairo think will help change the landscape of the river town. Now, it's time to decide what project is the highest priority and has the biggest impact.

Project Manager Dwight Norton said they're eager to get things underway, but there's no quick fix.

"And that's one of the big challenges," Norton said. "People have a lot of immediate needs, daily challenges, that you're trying to overcome. And so trying to step out of that to take some time to plan is a big challenge, but what we have to do to initiate long-term lasting change."

Norton said it's a matter of finding a balance between immediate changes people can see and recognizing that transforming Cairo is a long-term goal requiring ample time.

What does all this research and data gathering mean?

The project team is using feedback to draft a plan with full recommendations to get the town on track.

That draft will be available to the public in late October.

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