I-Team Update: Cape Girardeau not responsible for damages caused by moving streets

ITeam Update: Street Creep

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Cape Girardeau couple learned they will not receive any money from the city after they say city streets are costing them thousands of dollars in damage.

It's an issue called street creep or street movement. It's caused over time by expanding and contracting concrete streets.

Randy and Beverly Powless say they've been asking the city to address the issue for more than ten years.

This week they got an answer, in the form a two sentence letter from the city's insurance company.

The letter says the company is denying the property damage claim filed on their behalf.

The couple has been looking for city action since an independent engineer told them the street outside their home was moving and pushing their driveway into their foundation.

With thousands of dollars already invested in problem, the couple says at this point they've done all they can.

Unless the city repairs the road, they say this will be an on-going problem.

"We have to disclose it whether which of course we would, but it's something we have to fix whether we live here or try to sell," Beverly Powless said.

I talked with city engineer Casey Brunke who says street creep is a tricky issue because it's hard to determine.

She says the city did examine the Powless' street but did not find anything wrong.

The Powless' say they have not heard the insurance company why they denied their claim.

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