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Carbondale police chief fired

Chief Jody O'Guinn from a previous interview with Heartland News. Chief Jody O'Guinn from a previous interview with Heartland News.
CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The Carbondale police chief was fired Monday morning by the city manager.

According to a press release from the office of Carbondale City Manager Kevin Baity, Chief Jody O'Guinn was dismissed Aug. 18 at 9 a.m.

O'Guinn has been police chief in Carbondale since June 2009.

Deputy Chief Jeff Grubbs has been appointed as the interim police chief.We talked to the Carbondale Mayor Don Monty on the phone. He said:

"All city employees are hired by and supervised by the city manager," Monty said. "It was a personnel matter and it was left up to the city manager."

O'Guinn's dismissal had nothing to do unsolved cases or recent litigation filed against the city and the chief, according to the city manager's office.
Several high profile cases have surrounded the police chief.

O'Guinn announced in 2011 that his personal handgun may have been used in a deadly shooting. Police reports show O'Guinn reported his personal handgun stolen June 20, 2011. O'Guinn said someone took the firearm from his locked vehicle outside his home.

Other notable cases in Carbondale involve the Molly Young case and Pravin Varughese case.

Young was found dead at her ex-boyfriend Richie Minton's apartment in Carbondale in March of 2012. Larry Young, Molly's father, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Minton,who was a Carbondale police dispatcher at the time of her death.

Larry Young hopes that whoever is selected as the new chief will demonstrate openness.

"Be transparent," the elder Young said. "Keep communication with assuring them and the general public and the community that they're doing everything in their power to get to the truth of this matter."

Nineteen-year-old Southern Illinois University student Pravin Varughese found dead near the school in February 2014. His family has filed a lawsuit against Carbondale, its police chief and the person who last saw him alive. Press release about Chief O'Guinn:

“Effective Monday, August 18 at 9:00 a.m., I am dismissing Jody O'Guinn as Chief of Police for the City of Carbondale. Chief O'Guinn has served the City since June 2009. As of now, no timeline has been established for finding his successor.”

"I am naming Deputy Chief Jeff Grubbs to serve as Interim Police Chief. I have full faith and confidence in Deputy Chief Grubbs' ability to lead the Carbondale Police Department,” Baity states. “I want to stress that my decision to dismiss Chief O'Guinn is a confidential matter and has nothing to do with the unsolved cases or recent litigation filed against the City and the Chief. Any assumptions/allegations to this effect are completely unfounded."

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