Homecoming for man hurt in accident at Noranda

Homecoming for man hurt in accident at Noranda

PORTAGEVILLE, MO (KFVS) - A day months in the making. A Portageville man is finally able to make the trip home from the hospital after a work-related accident.

Chris Scherer's family say that on May 19 Chris was badly hurt on the job.

Months of stress, worry and pain were wiped away on Friday afternoon with a special celebration for the dad who has been separated from his two kids while he recuperates.

"I was just glad to come home," he said. "This is just icing on the cake."

A surprise homecoming.

Friends and family in Portageville decked out the town with signs, balloons and a police escort to welcome home Chris Scherer.

"It's a great feeling," said Scherer. "It's wonderful. I'm just so grateful for all these people being here. I'm glad I got to come home"

"And the love of our community is just overwhelming," his wife added.

Chris's family said he was severely burned after falling into a vat of molten aluminum at the Noranda plant.

He suffered third-degree burns over both his legs.

For the past 11 weeks he has been fighting to heal and recover.

"Its been a struggle to a point," said Chris. "I'm just grateful that I have my parents and my wife's parents taking care of my boys and bringing them up whenever they could. You know and my wife being with me the whole time."

Chris said he's taking the recovery a day at a time, but he feels like this accident is all part of a larger plan.

"I mean, the burns. I know God had a plan for me of getting things done and I just followed what he told me to do," Chris said.

Chris will undergo rehab every day for the next four weeks.

For now, he's using a walker, but they do expect him to walk without it eventually.

His family said co-workers and friends have been incredibly helpful during this difficult time.

We reached out to Noranda on Friday, Aug. 1 for comment. They responded on Monday, Aug. 4 with the following statement:

"We are thrilled Chris has been able to return home and join his family and friends in celebrating his rehabilitation progress. We look forward to the time when Chris has healed and is ready to rejoin his friends and fellow associates at Noranda."

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