Politics in full swing at Fancy Farm

Politics in full swing at Fancy Farm

FANCY FARM, KY (KFVS) - Barbeque and politics, it's a combination you don't hear often but it's a tradition in Fancy Farm, Kentucky.

This year is the 134th year for the picnic in western Kentucky.

Nearly 15,000 people are gearing up for quite the political show on Saturday.

That's a good 5,000 more people than usual.

So why the extra attention?

Organizer Mark Wilson said it's because of the heavy focus on the U.S. Senate race in between Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Alison Grimes.

This is the first time they'll share a stage.

"This political event is well known for the audiences' cheers and jeers," Wilson said. "Steps are being taken to remind people to keep their cool."

U.S. senator and possible presidential candidate Rand Paul is also expected to be in attendance.

His possible 2016 presidential campaign is also gaining quite a bit of attention.

The event is known for the audiences' cheers and jeers.

One Mayfield woman said she's been to the picnic at least 10 times and claims it's the political showdown that draws the most attention.

"Lots and lots of people and cheering and going-ons and lots of banners and everybody is just going to be hyped up and ready for all the speaking," said Nancy Lancaster. "It's really fun."

If politics isn't your thing, then the food might attract you.

Thousands of pounds of BBQ are being smoked through the morning.

"As soon as you start in this family you immediately start barbequing," said Bryan Atkins. "I've got a nephew that's five or six years old and he started a couple of year ago, so it's a family tradition we continue to keep doing."

The event starts on Saturday, Aug. 2 at 8 a.m.

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