Changes to dress code, attendance at Cape Girardeau schools

Changes to dress code, attendance at Cape Girardeau schools

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Some changes are coming to Cape Girardeau Public schools. One of them is their new attendance policy.

Absences will no longer recorded as excused or unexcused and must be verified by the parents or legal guardian. For those students who are habitually absent, interventions will occur.

The school board also unanimously passed the new dress code. Superintendent Dr. James Welker said this is not loosening the policy, he believes it's more about clarify what is in place.

School leaders changed three items on the dress code. Students will be now allowed to wear solid-colored crew neck t-shirts, cargo pants and shorts and not allowed to wear sheer tops.

One of the changes is in the shirts and top section. You are allowed to wear crew neck t-shirts in any solid color.

Second, a sheer top is prohibited. You cannot wear sheer top even if you have a shirt underneath it.

Third, school leaders added the color gray to an approved color for pants. You can have gray anything that meets the specified length criteria.

The enforcement will still be done by teachers and administrators and the punishments range depending on the building and age of the student.

"We still have a few things we have to work out as we go along," Dr. Welker said. "Overall, we are very pleased with how our students look and dressed. I think it's worked very well."

Cape Girardeau schools start back on August 13. Both the dress code and attendance procedure will be enforced starting then. The full dress code can be found here.

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