Employees say they deserve more pay, but minimum wage increase bad idea

Employees say they deserve more pay, but minimum wage increase bad idea

CARTERVILLE, IL (KFVS) - Illinois Governor Pat Quinn agreed on Sunday to briefly live on a minimum wage salary as he rallies support for a November ballot measure.

Voters in his state will decide if the minimum wage should be raised for workers over the age of 18.

Their hourly wage would go to $10 per hour.

It's a topic that will affect most of us, whether you live on minimum wage or not.

Over the weekend, 1,300 fast food workers met in Chicago.

They're pushing for an increase in minimum wage.

Fast food restaurant employees make up a good amount of the public who say they deserve more pay.

But even those making minimum wage say any increase would be a bad idea.

Five days a week, Audrina Thomas works as a waitress at Pizza and Pasta Express in Carterville making less than minimum wage.

"There's days where we are really busy and there are days where we get one or two tables," she said.

Between the bills and taking care of her daughter she said she somehow finds a way to make it work.

"Cutting things out," she said. "Not going out to eat or not being able to buy toys."

While she said an increase would help, she thinks there would be a lot more negative effects.

"If we are getting paid more, stuff is still going to cost more," she said. "It would have a reverse effect on a lot of different ways."

Frank Charles has owned the restaurant since 2008.

He said nothing scares him more than seeing minimum wage jump to over $10 an hour.

"It may cause several businesses to fold over," he said.

As for how they feel about Governor Quinn living a few days in their shoes:

"He is going to be very surprised; to him it should be heartfelt at the end of it," said Charles.

"Maybe he will realize how hard it is for us and maybe he will help us out a little bit more," said Thomas.

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