Costs to move New Madrid County inmates

Costs to move New Madrid County inmates

NEW MADRID COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Pemiscot County won the bidding to house prisoners from another county. Forty-one inmates from New Madrid County are now behind bars in a new jail.

Presiding Commissioner Jim Atchison said the average prisoner costs about $40-45 a day. The state covers about half of that and the county gets the rest of it.

"The actual expense of housing would be between $40 and 45 probably, but Todd that is taking into consideration a lot of overhead expenses that we are going to have whether we have prisoners or not," Atchison said.

This deal with New Madrid County to Atchison helps off-set their costs.

"When we are housing state prisoners, if that prisoner is not convicted, if he or she doesn't actually go to a penitentiary for incarceration, then we don't get anything," Atchison said.

He's not sure how long it will last but for the time being, believes it's a good thing for his county.

The negotiation with New Madrid County does not include medical expenses and transportation to court.

Two things Atchison believes helped Pemiscot County case's are both counties are part of the 34th Judicial Circuit and the public defender's office is located in Caruthersville.

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