Election Preview: Voters make decisions Aug. 5

Election Preview: Voters make decisions Aug. 5

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - With one week until the Aug. 5 elections, those opposed and those who support five proposed amendments encourage you to get educated.

Amendment 1 deals with farming rights. Amendment 7 regards transportation.

Amendment 1

is known as the "Right to Farm" issue. If approved by voters, it would guarantee farmers and ranchers the right to engage in their livelihoods and product for others.

A 'yes' vote will amend the Constitution to guarantee the rights of Missourians to engage in farming practices subject to any power give to local government. A 'no' vote would not amend the Missouri  Constitution. It would have no impact on taxes.

Amendment 7

would impose a temporary 0.75 percent increase on the state sales and use tax to fund transportation projects. The duration of the tax would be no more than 10 years. Should voters approve the amendment, it will mark the first statewide tax increase since 1993 and the first tax increase for roads since 1992.

The Missouri Department of Transportation says their role is not to advocate, but educate voters about projects that would completed if the Amendment passes.

About the Project List:

The Missouri Department of Transportation released the final list of projects that would be completed if Amendment 7 passes in early July. The completed list is available at


The list includes $4.8 billion in transportation projects across the state. While the majority of work focuses on Missouri's roads and bridges, it also incorporates other modes of transportation (such as transit services, sidewalks and bike trails, airports, rail, and ports).

Ultimately, the delivery of projects outlined in this priorities list will go a long way toward fixing roads and bridges where Missouri's system is already in bad condition. The end result of this work would affect Missourians in every region of the state and help meet the goals set forth in last year's long-range transportation plan.

The Southeast District would see 472 miles of roadway resurfacing, the addition of 200 miles of paved shoulders, improvements to 47 bridges, completion of the last four-lane sections of Routes 67 and 412 to the state line, and increased connectivity with the construction of new interchanges.

Missourians can see what their tax dollars would fund by taking a look at the finalized project list available at


The Southeast District’s finalized project list may be accessed at:


More information is also available at:


Amendment 7 Details:

All proceeds generated with the passage of the ¾ cent sales tax increase would be dedicated to transportation.

The sales tax increase will not be applied to purchases of medicine, groceries and gasoline.

State fuel taxes will not increase and toll roads will not be implemented over the 10-year time period.

Provides an estimated $5.4 billion in funding for transportation projects over 10 years (2015-2025)

The measure provides that 90 percent of the revenue, an estimated $480 million annually, will go toward state transportation initiatives. Ten percent, or an estimated $54 million annually, will be split among cities and counties for transportation projects.

If voters decide to pass the measure to increase funding for state, county, and municipal street, road, bridge, highway, and public transportation initiatives by increasing the state sales/use tax by three-quarters of one percent for 10 years. This amendment further prohibits a change in gasoline taxes and prohibits toll roads or bridges. Voters would have to re-approve the measure in 10 years. A decision of 'no' would not amend the state constitution.

Amendment 5 establishes the right to keep and bear arms, ammunition and accessories. 

Amendment 8 creates new lottery ticket with profits going toward veterans' programs. Amendment 9: Protects electronic data from unreasonable searches and seizures.

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