Federal agents investigating Farmington break-ins

Federal agents investigating Farmington break-ins

FARMINGTON, MO (KFVS) - Federal Secret Service agents have been called on to help with the investigation into car break-ins at the Farmington Water Park.

Police Chief Rick Bakers says the thefts are part of a larger crime spree that involved several other jurisdictions in the St. Louis area and also parts of Illinois. That is why the agents were asked to assist.

According to Baker, the bigger spree was discovered after detectives from other jurisdictions contacted police in Farmington regarding checks that belonged to the Farmington victims being forged.

Baker says the federal agents came to Farmington to pick up the reports regarding the break-ins.

Farmington is believed to be the southernmost jurisdiction to be impacted by the thefts.

Police say at least two people broke into cars in the parking lot of the Water Park in late July and stole items from inside the vehicles.

Those responsible for the crimes are believed to be from the St. Louis metro area.

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