Demonstrators protest Gaza in Carbondale

Demonstrators protest Gaza in Carbondale

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in Carbondale, Illinois to protest the ongoing violence in the Middle East.

You might have seen them marching along Route13.

Nearly 200 people walked for about a mile into downtown Carbondale.

Some say the purpose of Friday's demonstration was to send a message and bring awareness that innocent people are being killed.

One of the demonstrators said he has family in the middle of the violence.

He said they have family and friends who tell them there isn't a moment of peace and they have been forced to live underground to stay safe.

"We talked to them, they said there is no peace there. They cannot have any moment to try to see if someone is alive or not. Every moment they say there is a strike coming from Israel coming to Gaza," said Maher Aboujabal

There was a petition being passed around organizers say they want to send the petition to Congress.

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