Cape Girardeau residents experience food stamp delays

Cape Girardeau residents experience food stamp delays

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The Missouri Department of Social Services reported there is an issue with its computer system that manages the food stamps applications.

Social services spokesperson Heather Dolce said that is why some Missouri residents might experience a delay in receiving their food stamp allotment.

Cape Girardeau resident Lorie Carter said she was supposed to receive her food stamps on July 18.

However, Carter said that never happened, even though she submitted her re-certification back in May.

"It's just so frustrating because you wait and wait for the day and you think 'Okay we can go grocery shopping so we can get our meat and divvy it up for the month' and it's just beyond frustrating," Carter said.

Carter said when she called the Department of Social Services, she was told she would have to wait because there was a backlog in paperwork.

Carter said this is a concern because she is a mother of two growing teenagers.

"We don't get much but the little we do get we depend on," Carter said. "With two teenagers, I mean it's hard because they have to have school clothes and they eat more and then you have to budget which bill you're paying what week and it's just a continuous thing."

Dolce said the department is currently working on the situation.

If you experience an issue with your food stamp application, the department urges you to contact the Family Support Division.

The department can be reached at 573-751-8959 or by email at


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