Youngsters attend SIC Softball Camp

Youngsters attend SIC Softball Camp

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - Nearly 20 girls from grades four to 10 participated in a summer softball camp at the Southeastern Illinois College's Falcon Field July 22, 24-25.

Coach Donn Gines, assistant coach, Melissa Hunt, and some of the Lady Falcon players coached the players.

Attending were: Daizha Locke (Harrisburg), Evie Duncan (Norris City), Brynn Warren (Norris City), Emeli Werner (Pope County), Paige Munds (Eldorado), and Jillian Womack (Eldorado).

Essence Sanders (Harrisburg), Emily Scott (Carrier Mills), Ashlyn Sizemore (Eldorado), Lexi Williams (Harrisburg), and Kameryn Harris (Thompsonville).

Claire McDermott (Harrisburg), Lydia Seiner (Hardin County), Faith Hooper (Eldorado), Jesikka Ratliff (Hardin County), Nahla Callaway (Marion, Ky.), and Mattie Wells (Omaha).

Brittany Reynolds (Harrisburg), Coach Donn Gines, assistant coach Melissa Hunt, and Marriah Smith (Harrisburg) and Hanna Goolsby (Harrisburg).

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