Cape residents concerned about speeders on Broadway

Cape residents concerned about speeders on Broadway

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A Cape Girardeau business owner is raising concerns about people driving over the speed limit on Broadway in the downtown area.

Glenn Reeves said when drivers get through the stop light at Sprigg Street and Broadway, they increase their speed.

Reeves called it the Broadway speedway.

He said the speed of traffic is not safe for pedestrians.

"I've seen several instances where a mother or a father would start taking kids across and pretty soon they would turn around, headed back in the other direction because people are not stopping for them," Reeves said.

Heather Brune, a frequent downtown traveler, said she sees the same thing.

"We sit in our office and we're able to see that the traffic is obviously not going the speed limit and you see that everywhere but here on Broadway when you have children coming out of the Discovery Playhouse and you have people that are trying to parallel park on this street, it's virtually impossible to come to a stop when they are obviously not obeying the speed limit," Brune said.

We used a speed calculator app for the iPhone and tracked the speed of 25 cars over a 20 minute time period.

The average speed was 29 mph. However, many cars traveled much faster. One car was clocked at 41 mph.

Cape Girardeau residents like Brune and Reeves said something needs to be put in place to slow drivers down.

Reeves suggested the city should look at designating crosswalks so drivers have to yield to pedestrians.

The speed limit on Broadway is 25 mph.

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