Veteran suspends walk of IL due to shin splints

Veteran suspends walk of IL due to shin splints

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - The distance from Cairo, Illinois to the Wisconsin border is 435 miles. Will Trow still plans to walk every mile.

The vet has stopped due to painful shin splints and extremely blistered feet.

He said he "overextended" carrying a 35-pound backpack for 139 miles.

He plans to rest and then resume his trip.

For decades, he says he’s wanted to do make the walk to help his fellow Vietnam veterans.

“I can walk about three miles an hour with this full pack on,” William Trow said.

For the next two weeks, busy highways will become William Trow’s walking path. Passing cars will become his friends.

And for a short time, the back of a news car was a place to catch his breath.

“It was a tough experience, but a lot of guys had it a lot rougher than I did,” Trow said, who served in the Army for two years.

Trow is walking the length of Illinois to raise awareness for his fellow Vietnam veterans.

“I’m trying to help those guys who have health issues and housing issues and hopefully the money I can raise will help benefit some of them,” Trow said.

Just four days in to his journey, he says the support from total strangers is what keeps him going.

He’s already collected over $18,000 and hopes to raise $20,000 by the time he reaches the finish line.

“People have been absolutely friendly; people have been honking their horns and waving at me,” Trow said.

Trow plans to walk 25 miles a day, making 18 pit stops along the way from anyone willing to lend a helping hand.

The Du Quoin Fire Department was Wednesday’s place of rest before the next day’s journey.

Off again with a full pack and a full heart.

Trow will begin accepting pledges through e-mail once he completes his journey.

He had hoped to reach the Michigan border August 9.

If you would like to help his cause, you can e-mail William Trow at:

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