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Does It Work: Comfy Control Harness

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For many dog owners, one four letter word can bring a smile to your pet's face; Walk.

But walking your dog using a traditional leash can actually cause more harm to your dog than good.

This week's product is the Comfy Control Harness, which is supposedly the world's most comfortable harness.

This is designed to be worn in lieu of a standard neck collar which can stress your dog's neck.

Our volunteer, Baxter, is our resident dog product tester and he graciously allowed us to test this product on him.

All you have to do is slide the harness on through the two front legs, and then Velcro it tight around the back. An added clip locks into place for additional hold where you can then attach your leash.

The design distributes force more evenly rather than all along the neck. You can actually feel the improvement between Baxter's old collar and the harness using your arm. The collar can't be comfortable for him.

Baxter wore the harness outside, did his business and even went on a walk. A very very long walk. He didn't even want me to take it off when we went back inside.

So does it work? Let me first start by saying this. Baxter here is a very temperamental dog and I had concerns he wouldn't wear the harness in the first place. Not only did he wear it, but at the end of the day I think he actually likes wearing it. And I like the fact that it saves his neck from being snapped at the end of the line when we go for walks.

So we have to give the harness two paws up and a yes on this week's does it work.

The Comfy Control Harness will set you back about $10.

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