Does It Work: Hot Huez Hair Chalk

DIW: Hot Huez

ELKVILLE, IL (KFVS) - If you're looking for a fun way to heat up your hair style this summer, Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk might be a good buy.

It claims to give you vibrant color, and wash out with shampoo.

But does it work?

"Introducing Hot Huez Hair Chalk, the eye popping color that glides on for instant glamorous fun," claims the commercial.

Sarai and Micah Davis in Elkville have heard about Hot Huez Hair Chalk and have always wanted to give it a try.

"I want permanent purple hair, but mom won't let me have permanent purple hair," said Sarai Davis.

"So this will be the only fix mom allows as far as purple hair," said mom Michelle Davis.

The girls said they like to get creative, and hope this hair color will be another way to express themselves.

"Individuality, it makes you unique," said the girls.

Michelle Davis said she worries if it will work.

"That would be my biggest worry, one does it work, is it dark enough to see, and two does it come out like it says it's supposed to come out?" said Michelle Davis.

"Press, slide and color," said the girls as they read the directions. "Slide the chalk connector along the section of hair in a downward direction until evenly covered."

"Which colors do you want to use first?" asked Michelle Davis.

The girls rub on some conditioner, and then go for the color.

"I hope it colors my hair," said Micah Davis.

First, it's Micah's turn to get a little color crazy.

Sarai prepares the hair.

"Prepare this with the conditioner," said Michelle Davis.

She picks a color, she presses down, and slides on the purple.

"It's not as dark and I thought it would be," said Sarai as she applies the color to Micah's hair.

Finally, she seals it with hair spray.

"Now, I'm curious to see how the lighter color works," said Michelle.

They girls repeated the steps with the green.

"Can you see it? Oh my gosh, you really can," said Michelle.

It's brighter than expected.

"It's actually very easy, easier than I thought it would be," said Sarai.

"So you're just pushing down as you pull it through? Yup. Cool." asked Michelle to Sarai.

Now, we're ready for the ultimate test: the mirror.

"I love it, it's so colorful," said Micah.

"I didn't think I would like the colors, but I think it looks really cute on her," said Michelle.

Now to the next sister.

"Put the conditioner, rub it in, rub it from the root all the way down," said Michelle.

The girls pick a color and Micah glides it on Sarai's hair.

"Wow, that works really well on your hair," said Michelle.

This time around, the Davis girls had a little experience on what to do.

"The more conditioner you put in your hair, it looks really, the more color you get," said Michelle and Micah.

"Wait, wait, wait," said Michelle to Micah.

There is a hold up to the product. You have to be careful hair doesn't get caught in the side of the plastic applicator.

As Micah showed us, if you're the one putting on the product, it can get on your hands.

But now to that mirror test.

"It's awesome," said Sarai. "I like the blue and the pink. I love it, it turned out exactly like I had expected to, really bright, really out there, and that's what I like."

Since the girls wanted to keep their new color in, we enlisted their brother to try out the color, and test out the wash.

It seemed to come right out with a little shampoo.

On average, the Davis girls gave the Hot Huez Hair Chalk 5 stars.

"I wanted purple hair, and I got purple, and pink and blue hair and green hair," said Sarai.

"It did a pretty good job, I'm pretty impressed with it, it wasn't really hard to do, it didn't take long, and there wasn't a whole lot of mess," said Michelle.

If you want to try out the Hot Huez Temporary Hair Chalk, we found it at Target for $15.

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