Cape Girardeau City Council talks neighborhood associations

Cape Girardeau City Council talks neighborhood associations

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Drugs, run-down buildings/homes and vacant buildings topped the discussion at the Cape Girardeau City Council Meeting on Monday night.

During the study session, the council heard a presentation about a neighborhood development initiative.

According to Mayor Harry Rediger, the idea is to foster communication between residents and the city government so that they may discuss and find solutions to problems.

The initiative would include the development of neighborhood associations.

Leaders in these associations would represent the residents of a specific geographic area.

Rediger said the leaders would help give a voice to a community.

Two areas have been identified to participate in the initiative.

The first is being called the "South Side," which would include the area from Highway 74 to Hackberry Street, and east to west from Ranney Avenue to Beaudean Lane.

The second community, called the "East Side" would be the area that stretches from Second Street to East Cape Rock Drive and east to west from Rand Street to Big Bend Road.

Pastor Scott Johnson said this type of idea could help curb poverty in some of these run-down neighborhoods.

"Having an established liaison would definitely curtail that problem, with that one person that can say 'Hey, I can communicate with you, you communicate with this one, but we're working together as a whole to come up with a solution that's going to help everyone across the board," Johnson said.

Other residents said they would like a voice to help their community solve various problems their neighborhood is facing.

"We do need someone in our community, in our area to represent the people because we do have lots of low income issues as far as sewage, food, and utility assistance," Lorie Carter said. "I think it would be a great idea to have someone to speak our voice."

Rediger said the neighborhood associations are still subject to change.

He said he hopes to eventually have neighborhood associations throughout the city with different configurations, to address their wants and needs.

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