Team Spirit training for distracted driving

Team Spirit training for distracted driving

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Dozens of high schools students from around southeast Missouri met up Sunday for the 20th Annual Team Spirit Traffic Safety Leadership Training Conference.

Students teamed up and worked together on developing an action plan addressing traffic safety concerns identified at their school and in their community.

This peer to peer training program is designed to empower high school aged students to take an active role in promoting safe driving habits by tackling underage drinking, drinking and driving, texting and driving, speeding and lack of safety belt use.

Students gather for this three day training session and will work on various workshop sessions, hear from speakers and also a victim describing their experience.

Sharee Galnore, Team Spirit Coordinator, says its important that these kids learn this training and take it back to their respective school to share their knowledge with fellow classmates.

Galnore says that teens may be more persuasive and will listen to other teens about the dangers of distracted driving and take them more seriously and potentially save lives. She says that this training is paying off after seeing a decrease of teen driving deaths year after year.

Team Spirit will observe a DWI docudrama Monday morning to see first hand the effects of what can happen with distracted driving.

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