Drivers and cyclists both have right of way

Drivers and cyclists both have right of way

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - In the summer, both cyclists and drivers seem to fight over the road.

However, bicyclists are a legal form of street transportation, just like any other vehicle.

Biker Don Hinkebein asks that drivers be aware of the cyclists on the road.

"Bikes are allowed on public roads. It is our domain also. We're not just there because they are allowing us to be," Hinkebein said.

Some cyclists said drivers don't always share the road.

"Basically just riding around town, every once in a while you'll get some people that just for some reason don't like you being in their way," Jose Rodriguez said. "They'll just get impatient and start yelling at you, honking at you."

Drivers, on the other hand, said cyclists are just one of the many things they have to look out for.

"Especially with today's technology with the whole texting issue and driving and texting," John Delgado said. "It's hard enough to drive and not hit somebody or get hit."

However, both drivers and cyclists said it is important to respect each other on the road.

"Sometimes it's a motorists fault, sometimes it's a cyclists fault," Hinkebein said. "We all just have to be careful and work together to make a road safe."

Cape Girardeau city officials said drivers are allowed to pass bikers. However, they encourage drivers to give cyclists plenty of space, and if they can, pass a bike like they would a car using the opposite lane.

They also suggest bikers to avoid riding their bikes against traffic, and neither drivers nor cyclists should follow too closely.

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