Tips for staying scam-free during summer travels

Tips for staying scam-free during summer travels

(KFVS) - If traveling is part of your summer plans, there are some scams and helpful tips to be aware of before packing your bags.

While staying at a hotel, there a few scams to be watching for:

Verifying your card over the phone

If the front desk calls your room, asking you to verify your card number for any reason, this could be a scam. A hotel should never ask for that information over the phone, but rather ask you to come down to the front desk if there is an issue with your card.

Fake pizza delivery deals

If you order pizza from a flyer slipped under your hotel door and are asked for your credit card number over the phone, it could be a scam. Before you order from any restaurant you're not familiar with, check out the business or get recommendations for eateries from the front desk.

Fake Wi-Fi networks

Be completely sure of the name of your hotel's Wi-Fi network before connecting. Fake networks may seem legitimate and even contain the name of the hotel, but it could be fake and all information you send over that network can be compromised by a hacker.

The Federal Trade Commission offers some security tips to keep in mind while traveling:

  • Limit personal identification cards as well as credit and/or debit cards that you carry with you to only the absolutely necessary ones
  • Understand that some public Wi-Fi networks and hotspots may not be secure for use
  • Protect your smartphone by using a password and report a stolen phone to the police as well as your service provider
  • Watch out for skimming devices (cameras, keypad overlays, fake card-readers) on ATMs
  • Keep a close eye on your laptop and try to not carry it in an obvious laptop case

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