Jackson enforces no "playing games" in streets ordinance

Jackson enforces no "playing games" in streets ordinance

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - The city of Jackson is now enforcing a city ordinance that prohibits playing in the streets.

According to the City of Jackson, no person should throw balls, exercise or play a game that would interfere with traffic on public street.

A family in Jackson said they received a citation for violating this ordinance because their basketball court faces the street not their driveway.

According to city prosecuting attorney Tom Ludwig, the family has essentially turned their neighborhood street into a basketball court.

Ludwig said it is a safety concern to have kids playing in the streets.

However, the family said the language in the city ordinance needs to change because it holds them to a double standard.

Because of the way the ordinance is written currently, the homeowner said if he gets a citation, so should the people walking, riding their bikes or even flying a kite in the street should also get one, since that is in violation of the ordinance.

Parents in Jackson said playing in the street is no big deal as long as it's not a busy road.

"All over my neighborhood in the back they are riding their bikes, you know they're playing catch, or you know hop scotch, stuff like that in front of their houses it's never been a problem," Jamie Palen said. "I can understand the main road. Like I live off of, like Old Cape road is pretty busy so I don't have my kids doing that, but back behind, if it's a subdivision, you know I grew up doing that so it's not a big deal."

According to Ludwig, people who are jogging, walking their dogs or playing catch in the street are technically violating the city ordinance. However, he said if they are peacefully using the streets and not interfering with traffic, then they don't need to be worried about getting a citation.

Below is the exact wording of the city ordinance.

Sec. 45-1008. Flying kites, playing games, throwing objects, etc., in streets prohibited.

No person shall, in any street, highway, thoroughfare or right-of-way therefor or other public place in this city, fly a kite, throw balls or other missiles or engage in any sport, exercise or game that would impede the passage of travel of any type of vehicle; provided further, that no person shall undertake construction of any building or project, construct fences or locate trees on rights-of-way or other city property without the express prior approval of the board of aldermen.

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