Medical marijuana smoking could become legal in public in IL

Medical marijuana smoking could become legal in public in IL

The medical marijuana law has been on the books in Illinois for more than six months, but so far not a single marijuana seed has been planted.

Lawmakers continue to move forward with creating rules and regulations for future users and growers, some predict patients could start using the drug as early as 2015.

So what does this mean for the rest of us?

One of the questions circulating around medical marijuana use is where will eligible patients get to smoke?

The answer is anywhere places where the smoking of traditional tobacco products is allowed.

That means outside of bars and restaurants, walking down sidewalks and in parking lots.

Medical professionals predict over 10,000 patients will apply for the drug in the state of Illinois alone

While the rules come as a shock for some, others say they expect it and welcome it.

A Murphysboro bar manager said the majority of her customers smoke, so it's something she is ready for.

“We do have a lot of PTSD people and if that is what they are going to use for it, I'm sure it will be here,” said Jana Haley. “If it's the law it's the law and we are going to have to accept it eventually, but I think if they were more educated on how it does help someone, they would be more open to it.”

Haley went on to say that she hopes her customers will be just as accepting.

While smoking is not allowed inside the bar, there is an outdoor patio that smokers use when they want to light up.

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