Perryville gets help battling hundreds of sinkholes

Perryville gets help battling hundreds of sinkholes

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - City crews in Perryville, Missouri are managing 365 sinkholes, according to Perryville Street Maintenance Superintendent David Clements.

One of the latest sinkholes being repaired is 20 feet deep by 30 feet wide and just off of Highway 61.

"There is no drainage system in Perryville," Clements said. "We don't need it. These sinkholes are the drainage system. Water drains into the sinkholes and disperse in the underground caves."

He said that it's a good thing Perryville has these sinkholes everywhere for this reason.

Perryville Public Works Director Mark Brown said that they have decided to subcontract out some of the sinkhole work.

"There is too many sinkholes to repair at this time and we have other work to be done in the city," Brown said.

He said that after a sinkhole is repaired, a grate is put on top of it for the safety of the public.

"It's all about safety and keeping the public safe when around these sinkholes," Brown said.

According to Brown, the repairs and maintaining the sinkholes is a must for the city.

He said that the holes are dug out until they find the crack or openings in the ground. They then seal it, fit the hole with a pipe and grate it off. However, they must have up to 50 feet of sod surrounding the sinkhole due to maintaining proper living environments for the Grotto-Sculpin fish.

Brown would like to see a crew in the future to solely work on repairing sinkholes in the summer time.

He feels this is needed in Perryville to stay on top of all the maintenance required for these sinkholes along with new sinkholes that pop up.

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