Some say "password therapy" helps achieve goals

Some say "password therapy" helps achieve goals

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - There is a new trend to use a password as a positive reminder to achieve your goals.

Mauricio Estrella, an associate creative director in Shanghai, began doing this when his server prompted him to change his password.

Estrella said in a

that he wanted to regain control in his life.

At the time he was dealing with a recent breakup, and made his password "Forgive@h3r."

He said typing the message over and over again was a helpful reminder to forgive his wife.

According to Jina Crowley, a classroom instructor at Family Counseling Center in Cape Girardeau, this "password therapy" is a form of positive reinforcement.

Crowley said something like this could remind people to take an action every time they type the password.

She said in the past she's used "attitudes determine the outcome of your day" as a password in the past.

However, Crowley said the password might become a habit, so people could end up resisting it instead of actually achieving their goals.

She suggested posting positive notes around the house instead.

According to

, the most popular passwords are much simpler. "123456" and "password" were the most common passwords used in 2013.

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