Anna, IL woman saves father with help from grandkids

Anna, IL woman saves father with help from grandkids

ANNA, IL (KFVS) - Anna, Illinois Firefighters say a woman rescued her 76-year-old father from their burning home without any help from them.

It took her three tries and on the third one, she broke a window, took a deep breath and then ran in to get him. She doesn't consider herself a hero, but you probably do.

Janet Turner said it was a team effort. Her 5-year-old grandson got the dog out, her 9-year-old grandson directed 911 to the location and Turner got her father out. She said it all happened so fast.

"And then I just took a deep breath and ran through the house and went to my father's room and pulled him out sitting on a walker," Turner said.

Turner said in order to get in she had to break her back window.

"And I just happened to have a hammer sitting on the back carport," Turner said. "I couldn't get into him so I busted it out with a hammer. It was pretty effective."

Once inside, she got her father to safety before the firefighters arrived on scene.

"And I questioned her a couple of times at the scene and then I did a follow up at the hospital just because I wanted to hear the story again because it was amazing to me what she did," Anna Fire Chief Michael Stoner said.

"I only did what any person would do," Turner said. "There was a person in the house that was in mortal danger. I knew that he was not going to survive with the amount of smoke in here and the only thing I could do was do my best to get him out."

That she did and she credits her grandchildren for doing their part as well.

"Because the littlest one that was five collected up the big dog from underneath the house while brother was calling 911 while I was getting grandpa out so the three of us were kind of a team," Turner said.

Turner said she will she take away a valuable lesson from this fire. Her father has dementia and will never let him out of her sight again.

"If you have a relative or anyone that you can for that has dementia and even if they seem like short periods of time for them to be alone is safe, it is not," Turner said.

Turner said the fire started in her room. Investigators don't have an exact cause, but say smoking may have contributed.

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