Risco residents say city water is brown, want answers

Risco residents say city water is brown, want answers

RISCO, MO (KFVS) - Some people in Risco say when they turn on their sinks the water is brown. The main question they're asking is "Is safe to drink?"

The mayor says, yes, it is safe to drink. However, some locals say they don't trust it and are wondering when it'll clear up.

Matt Smith says you never know what you'll get when you turn on the faucet.

"It's actually not too bad, this is actually pretty good," Smith said as he filled up a glass of tap water.

However, he says, other times the water is not good.

"When you first turn it on it's like rust, or I'm not sure what it is," Smith said.

Other folks in town say lately, their water has been worse than usual.

"It looks like iced tea or a light colored tint to a brown water," Colby Archie said.

Archie says his tap water was brown this morning.

"We want to know if it's the pipes, or if it's the water treatment plant, if stuff's not being treated property," Archie said. "If the water is safe to drink or not to drink, whether we should be bathing in it, you know, you're not going to wash white clothes in that water."

Mayor Don Lancaster says lightning actually struck the water tower. That knocked out the computer that controls the pumps and clarifying systems. He says now the city is filling the tank manually. According the Lancaster, the brown tint is settlement, or iron, in the water. He says that is safe to drink.

Still, some aren't taking the chance.

"We never actually drink the water," Smith said. "We buy it from the store."

"No, we don't drink it," Archie said. "[We] shower with it, wash clothes with it, but don't drink it."

The mayor says workers are scheduled to come and fix the computer on Monday. He says residents can expect to see their water clear up by next week.

Mayor Lancaster also says workers take water samples and send them to the Department of Natural Resources monthly. He says the water in Risco meets all of the DNR requirements.

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