Southeast highlights new ropes course

Southeast highlights new ropes course

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Kids attending the Redhawks Kids Camp got to be some of the first groups to use Southeast Missouri State University's new high ropes course on Thursday.

According to Recreation Services Assistant Director Eric Redinger, the course was built and completed in November. The course then opened to the public this spring.

Redinger said they've had a handful of kids groups and corporate business use the course.

He said the challenge courses are great for team building efforts.

"It's just a great a great atmosphere because if me and you are on the same team and maybe we don't know each other, we don't get a long," Redinger said. "This is maybe one of the easiest ways to breakdown those barriers."

Some campers using the zip-line on Thursday said they were a little scared at first.

"I've never been on a zip-line before," Rylie Corcoran said.

Redinger said the campers were able to conquer some of their own fears.

"For me, watching a child be afraid and then taking that step and realizing it's okay," Redinger said. "It's all about breaking down the barriers of fear."

Gus Gonzales said his favorite part was the wind against his face.

"You kind of don't feel very heavy if you're going on it. It kind of feels like you're flying because you're going so fast," Gonzales said.

The high ropes course includes a zip-line and a giant swing.

The zip-line starts from a 40-foot platform. It is about 300 feet long and participants can get up to speeds of 30 mph.

If you are interested in booking the challenge course, you can find more information


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