Service dogs given to vets at Rent One Park

Service dogs given to vets at Rent One Park

MARION, IL (KFVS) - After months of anticipation, veterans were given service dogs during a pre-game ceremony at Rent-One Park in Marion, Illinois on Wednesday, July 9.

The program is called "This Able Veteran." The organization pairs veterans with post traumatic stress disorders with specially trained dogs, for free.

The animals had to go through up to 18 months of special training.

"At first it was a surprise, and seeing how much they do care, and the support that they give us while we're at the ranch, it's awesome," Jacob Nation, a veteran, said. "Definitely, definitely a day I'll never forget."

The dogs are taught things like anxiety alerts and nightmare interruption skills.

They can open doors, turn off lights and are completely obedient by the end of their training.

"This able veteran" is based in Carbondale.

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