Parents and daycare workers react to new law

Parents and daycare workers react to new law

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Governor Jay Nixon signed a bill on Wednesday that requires the state to develop a "system of quality indicators" so people can know whether child care centers are meeting certain standards.

Both parents and workers say they support the access to information. They say the more you know, the better you will feel about how who taking take of your child.

"He's my life," said Ashley Weinkein, a mother. "He's the love of my life. I want to make sure he's being taken care of. He's learning."

Weinkein said that's her job as mom and she wanted her son to be put in a position to succeed.

"When I started looking at day cares five years ago, it was kind of word of mouth," she said.

With the new law Governor Jay Nixon signed on Wednesday, it will create a website that will track whether child-care providers are licensed, meet health and safety standards, use curriculum and comply with staff training requirements.

"We typically get calls everyday for care," said Jaime Drum at Just Kids in Cape Girardeau.

Drum said they work with the state a lot and they support a centralized location for parents to go. She believes that shouldn't be the only thing parents base their decision on though.

"I don't think anyone should rely on a website to believe what it is," Drum said. "They should see and feel. They should even make a pop in visit."

Weinkein agreed. Her advice to other parents is simple.

"Coming and looking at it, getting a hands on, walking through, meeting the teachers, seeing the kids play, it's always good to look online but that doesn't really give you the first hand experience of classroom size, teachers and how they are with the kids," Weinkein said.

The law also requires the state to provide a hotline for parent complaints. It will take effect in October 2015.

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