Missouri offers overseas voting portal

Missouri offers overseas voting portal

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Missourians serving in the military who are stationed outside of the state will now be able to vote using a new online platform.

Secretary of State Jason Kander unveiled the

on Monday.

It will give active service members the opportunity to register to vote, request and receive absentee ballots for all local, state and federal elections on a secure line.

Kander said this program is the first of its kind in the nation.

Staff Sergeant Daniel Kear served in Iraq between 2007 and 2009. He said voting for the 2008 election was a complicated process.

"I was at a small outpost. In order to vote we had to go speak to a voting assistance officer and do the registration through that. It wasn't necessarily difficult. It was time consuming. A lot of people didn't vote by absentee vote," Kear said.

He thinks the new website will encourage military members stationed outside of Missouri to vote.

Army National Guard veteran Jeremey Dohogne said when he served in Iraq in 2004, he said he voted by absentee vote.

Dohogne said this site is a step forward.

"You're over there fighting for democracy and all that stuff so it'd be nice to take part in it too. The absentee ballot then was good that we were able to use it then. But now it'd be much easier to do it," Dohogne said.

The service is also available for Missourians living overseas that are working in the Peace Corp or faith-based charities.

Missourians who meet the criteria can begin creating accounts and will receive a ballot within 48 hours of the request.

The site is set up in time for Missouri's primary election on August 5.

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