New recreation area in Marion, IL halfway finished

New recreation area in Marion, IL halfway finished

MARION, IL (KFVS) - Construction for a recreation area in Marion, Illinois is about halfway finished.

The Hub will be thousands of square feet of swimming and recreation areas in the city.

When complete, the building will have a lazy river, several pools, basketball courts and an indoor track among other things.

Marketing and Development Director Hilary Lehew said what you can't see on the outside hides the busy work being done inside.

"If you drive past this right now and you look at it and you hear it's supposed to open in November, you might think, well there's no way," Lehew said. "But if you actually drove past it everyday and you witness the progress that they've made you'd understand they've come a long way and we're definitely going to be opening at the end of this year."

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