Marston without police officer

Marston without police officer

MARSTON, MO (KFVS) - A southeast Missouri town is without local law enforcement after its only officer resigned more than a month ago.

Now the town of Marston remains divided on how the position should be filled.

City officials and the public met Tuesday evening to discuss how the vacant police officer position should be filled.

City officials Heartland News reached out to would not go on camera to talk about what's been happening, but the town's former officer says he hopes the town can fill the spot soon.

These days you'll likely find Dwayne Whitworth working his Main Street deli.

But about a month ago, he was patrolling Marston's streets as the town's only officer.

"I would be the first responder," Whitworth said.

That is until he resigned in May.

"Because she wanted me gone," Whitworth said. "It's been stated in many board meetings."

He's referring to Marston Mayor Rebecca Redden.

Mayor Redden says Whitworth left on his own terms.

Regardless of the reasons, people in Marston must call on the New Madrid County Sheriff's Office now for any problems.

That could mean longer wait times. And in an emergency that could be a matter of life and death.

"People that need help you got a town that could be doing whatever they want."

Whitman says its a mater of public safety.

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