Jackson man entertains entire neighborhood with massive fireworks show

Jackson man entertains entire neighborhood with massive fireworks show

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - It's all about a sense of pride, and love of country. That's what you'll find in one Jackson neighborhood.

Inside one man's garage, it's easy to see someone has an infatuation with things that pop, bang, and light up the sky.

"Its one day of the year that brings our whole community together," said Jason Evans.

This Fourth of July marks the 9th year for a big celebration in this Jackson neighborhood.

Mac Robinson moved to the neighborhood with his family about three years ago. He says he was pretty shocked the first time he caught the show.

"It was incredible," said Robinson. "My entire family was so impressed."

Another neighbor reflected on his first time experiencing the fireworks show. "My son and I one year had just gone to Cincinnati to see the Reds game," said Mark Verticchio. "They do a fireworks show over the river that's really nice. We got back and saw this I was like God, that's as good as this. That's about the biggest compliment I can give...laughs."

Jason Evans is the mastermind behind this pyrotechnic pageantry.

He has quite the stockpile, but neighbors will likely bring additions too making for an even more elaborate display.

"I try to choreograph everything to music," said Evans. "In the beginning I play the national anthem and everyone stands and we all salute. Then we'll play Let's Get Ready to Rumble."

That's when the fun begins. He expects the show to last around 45 minutes, or longer this year.

"I enjoy bringing people together, and I want to make people happy," said Evans.

With that, there's a big price tag.

"It's not cheap," said Evans.

It's a good thing he's got a supportive wife.

Crystal Britt asked Lindsey Evans, "Do you think he's crazy...your husband? "Yes, he's crazy," laughed Lindsey.

It's not just fireworks though, they host an all day extravaganza.

"There's a water slide, a bounce house, and this year a dunk tank," said Evans.

They will also have games for the kids, and adults...plus no party is complete without food.

Jason says the SEMO Skydiving Club is also planning to fly over and send a couple of parachutists down for a real treat for the crowd this year.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              "The fourth is my favorite holiday," said Jason Evans. "I love Christmas, but I love celebrating our independence."

"That's awesome that people still look at it like that," said Mac Robinson. "He (Jason) can spend that kind of money on the holiday and show support for the day, which is awesome."

"When you see the whole neighborhood come together it's 100% worth it," said Lindsey Evans. The Evans' have three children who love this celebration. They are making memories to last a lifetime. Those memories, are now shared by the entire neighborhood.

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