Pets and fireworks don't mix, leave furry friends at home

Pets and fireworks don't mix, leave furry friends at home


The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri is recommending to pet owners to keep their four-legged friends at home this holiday weekend.

According to director Cheryl Ellis, dogs and cats are very sensitive to the loud noises that fireworks make.

Ellis said that means if your pet is outside, those sounds might spook them, which could send them running for safety.

"Just the loud noise, you know their ears are so much more sensitive and the loud noise scares them. If they can get out and get away that's what they are going to do," Ellis said.

That is why the humane society is telling pet owners to keep their furry friends inside.

"Don't bring the pets. Leave them home, they're going to be much happier," Ellis said.

They suggest keeping pets in a comfortable room, and turning on the TV or radio to drown out the noises.

The humane society also recommends making sure pets have proper identification in case they do run away.

Stephanie Ross said her big dog is very frightened by fireworks.

"We bought some fireworks to just shoot off at the house and we started shooting them off and she was outside and she just ran inside. She didn't want any part of it," Ross said.

However, Ross said ironically their smaller dog doesn't mind them.

Either way, Ross said she has no intentions of bringing either of her dogs to a fireworks display. She said that is just not a good idea.

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