Language of food labels

Language of food labels

(KFVS) - You know the words: glazed, smothered, fried; they make the food sound tasty, but you can also probably tell they aren't healthy choices.

"I'm usually steering clear of things that are high in fat,” said Jessica Richbourg.

We all know that's easier said than done.

But Richbourg is one example of someone who cracked the code, and learned the language of labels.

"I try to get more grilled options, or baked, because those are supposed to healthier for you," said Richbourg.

Now, she chooses those types of foods, rather than ones smothered or fried.

From those choices, she's already lost close to 100 pounds.

"I even learned from the program I did that you have to watch, even if it says light or low fat, you've got to inform yourself of what your intake is actually," said Richbourg.

"That's confusing, because you see chicken breast and think oh that's healthy, but it's also been glazed, or it's been another word sautéed, could be healthy, but no because it’s still in fat," said Cheryl Mothes.

Mothes is a personal chef with a nutrition background and said she encourages people to look for: steamed, grilled, broiled, and baked.

She even said sometimes diners can make up their own order at a restaurant, such as asking for something grilled instead of fried.

"You can modify anything, I think people get a little intimidated when they go to restaurants, they think they need to order or someone's going to get mad at them," said Mothes.

The labels and wording can also be confusing when choosing what to put in your grocery basket.

"I think people also gravitate towards these gluten free products thinking they're healthier choices, it just means that there's no wheat or grain in it," said Mothes.

Without wheat, Mothes said they're usually adding sugar to make the food taste better, so maybe not the healthiest bet.

"Gluten free, naturally, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, gluten free, so if it has to be labeled gluten free, you're looking at a processed food," said Mothes.

All terms that are important to know the meaning, in order to find the true meaning to being healthy.

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