Group dedicated to keeping art alive

Group dedicated to keeping art alive

DU QUOIN, IL (KFVS) - When across-the-board budget cuts hit, schools lean towards cutting programs like art and music to save money.

It’s a trend we’ve seen in a number of schools in southern Illinois due to the shrinking state aid.

But a group of women dedicated to teaching people of all ages the benefits of art has open up shop right here in the Heartland.

It started with an idea and a passion for paint.

That’s how the Library of Arts in Du Quoin was created.

“We wanted to spread our love and passion of art throughout southern Illinois,” said Paula Day.

The non-profit group saw the demand for creativity and imagination, from kids and adults alike.

“Some people just need an outlet where they can do different things and there are a lot of different art categories that you can go in to,” said Ashley Greer.

Paula Day, one of the founders of the program said it’s disturbing to hear of yet another school district doing away with art education.

Especially because she believes it’s so important for a child’s education.

“It takes in math, literary skills, hand eye coordination, all kinds of things that can be developed in a child through art,” said Day.

While these kids might be off school for summer, but they’re learning new skills while still having fun.

"We're showing you how to do this. Have fun with it, be creative," said Greer.

For more information, you can click here to visit them online or "like" them on Facebook. You can also call them at 618-790-4036 or e-mail them at

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