Heartland drivers and dealers wait on GM

Heartland drivers and dealers wait on GM

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - General Motors has recalled nearly 29 million vehicles since January, however, some Heartland drivers said they have been waiting for repairs for months.

Sikeston resident Brenda King said she received her first recall notice in April. She called a local dealer, and they put her name on a waiting list.

She said the dealer was supposed to call her back, but they never did. King said she called again after receiving another recall letter, but the part was still not in.

King said now her car just sits idle by her home.

"I'm glad that when I was driving and it didn't go out on me. You know because the stories were coming in how people were having wrecks and there car was just dying and they were getting killed and air bags weren't working. So it did concern me you know driving it. And I just wanted it fixed as soon as possible, and this is July and no car is fixed," King said.

According to Jeff Williams, executive manager at GM dealership Autry Morlan, they are repairing 15 to 20 ignition switches a day. However, he said that is nothing compared to the millions that are being repaired.

Williams said they are ordering as many parts as possible, but they can't help a backlog in production.

"There was not 2.5 million ignition switches sitting on a shelf somewhere. So they had to go into production, they had to make sure this switch was correct, not like the first one with it could fail. So they had to go in and start producing these so you got to look at a manufacturing plant that has to put these together you know. And I know you can't just make one switch, you've got to make a lot of parts and these parts have to be put together into one module," Williams said.

Williams said their goal is to make drivers feel safe. Autry Morlan is offering rental cars to those who are worried to drive their cars.

Williams also said to take off any extra weight on your key ring to prevent unintentional rotation.

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