Does It Work: Yoshi Grilling Mat

Does It Work: Yoshi Grilling Mat

JACKSON, MO (KFVS) - If you're getting ready to grill for the Fourth of July, but don't want to mess with the clean up, this new grilling mat might be for you.

"This new non stick mat cooks evenly while leaving the grill squeaky clean," the commercial claims.

The Yoshi Grilling Mat is an out of the box way to grill.

Berto Tripp lives in Jackson, Missouri and said they grill all summer long. He offered to help us put the mat to the test.

We cut it down to size, to make sure it wasn't directly over the coals.

Tripp put the hamburgers and chicken on the grill, and we waited for it to cook.

"When I cook meat I like to have grill marks on them, and this says it does have grill marks so we'll see how it works," said Tripp.

From grill marks to grease, Tripp is a little skeptical.

"I do have some questions such as if the fat is not supposed to run off into the grill, where does it go?" said Tripp.

After temps heated up, we looked to see if the mat was keeping the grease off the grill.

"It's not dripping that's for sure, but at the same time it's not helping the meat brown and cook," said Tripp.

You're not supposed to use metal utensils on the mat, so we tried to flip with the plastic spatula that came with the Yoshi mat.

"It could not grab ahold of the meat, it did not work very well, I would probably not be using that in the future," said Tripp. "No grill marks at all and with the fat sitting on there it does not look very appetizing."

While it wasn't looking to great on the outside, what about the inside?

Tripp cut into the meat.

"It's cooked all the way through, looks good on the inside," said Tripp as he cut into the chicken.

"Still a little red there in the center," said Tripp as he cut into the hamburger.

"That's very important you know you do want cooked food, but when it doesn't look very appetizing you're thinking probably not," said Tripp.

Next, we tried veggies.

"See I just dropped another one," said Tripp as a veggie fell through the grill.

The mat claims to prevent food from falling through.

"The mat keeps them from falling into the grill but on the other hand they just weren't cooking very well," said Tripp.

While cooking was questionable, did it help with clean up?

"It does keep the grill cleaner, but it seems like more of a hassle to take it off and come in here with grease dripping all over the place," said Tripp.

So in the end, Trip gives the grill mat one star. ?

For $10, we got two grill mats, one baking mat and the plastic spatula. If you still want to try out the grill mat, you can find it at stores like Walmart and Target.

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