Tips to improve your car's gas mileage

Tips to improve your car's gas mileage

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - AAA Travel anticipates holiday drivers will pay the highest Independence Day gas prices since 2008.

Roger Austin, owner of Advanced Automotive in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, said there are some do-it-yourself pre-travel checks that can help drivers get the most out of their car's gas mileage.

  • Check the tire pressure: low tire pressure can not only hurt mileage but also puts extra wear and tear on tires
  • Rotate tires when needed: tires will wear quicker if not rotated and decrease the car's MPG
  • Make sure to have a clean air filter: a dirty one will make your engine work harder than it has to
  • Regularly check oil: especially before a long trip, it is important the oil is full and clean

"The biggest thing would be the vehicle maintenance," Austin said. "Have you had your spark plugs changed? Have you done a fuel induction service and kept the carbon build up out of the engine? Have the oil serviced regularly. Those are the most important things to keep your mileage in good shape."

Other things to consider when getting ready for a long trip:

  • Make sure the air coordination is working properly
  • Check all exterior lights and wipers
  • A clean interior can make for a more comfortable trip

Some car repair shops offer a pre-travel check that will look that will make sure the vehicle is ready for extended use.

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