Bank donates building to Massac County, IL

Bank donates building to Massac County, IL

MASSAC COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Massac County Commissioner Jeff Weber announced that Banterra Bank has donated a building to the county.

Weber doesn't know at this time what the building will be. He said there are many options on the table like moving county offices there or possibly moving the courthouse to that location.

"Ultimately I feel it's up to the tax payers to decide what we should do with our current courthouse," Weber said. "If the people want to use this new building as our new courthouse that's fine. If the people want to restore the old courthouse and use this new building as county offices, then that's fine too. Let the taxpayers decide."

Weber said the current courthouse is showing its age and has not been maintained well lately.

He said no matter what decisions are made, this new building will be used to better serve the county and the residents.

Banterra Bank officially donated the building to the county on Tuesday afternoon, July 1. It is estimated to be worth $3.5 million. The property includes Banterra Bank's current Metropolis location at 101 W. Eighth Street, as well as a residential property at 802 Ferry Street.

The company will build a new bank branch at 519 and 521 Ferry Street in Metropolis. The current branch will remain open until the new facility is finished around June 2015.

The Massac County Courthouse was built in 1942 as part of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Works Projects Administration projects. The WPA project replaced the original Massac County Courthouse which was built during the Civil War and finished in 1862.

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