Cottonwood employees work to keep facility open

Cottonwood employees work to keep facility open

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Cottonwood Residential Treatment Facility employees were out trying to drum up support on Tuesday to keep the facility open.

The closure is a result of Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoing a $144.6 million general revenue spending and restricted $641.6 million in general revenue expenditures on Tuesday, June 24 in an effort to put the Fiscal Year 2015 budget back into balance.

Tuesday, workers were trying to spread the word about the work they do by handing out fliers and writing their message in chalk on sidewalks. They are hoping to build enough sentiment to keep the doors open.

A therapist at the center says a lot of children at Cottonwood have exhausted other treatment options.

"A lot of our kids are physically aggressive," Jeanie Dale, a therapist, said. "A lot of our kids self harm. A lot of our kids engage in property destruction and are incredibly impulsive. These things can't be maintained in a home, in a school, in a community."

The group has created a

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to keep Cottonwood from closing.

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