Breakfast Show movie favorites

Breakfast Show movie favorites

(KFVS) - The kids are home from school and the weather is really heating up so now's a great time to beat the heat by staying inside and getting some quality family time.

A great way to do that? Watch some movies! To get you started, here's some movie favorites from the Breakfast Show crew:

Jim Burns - "


Crystal Britt - "

Gone with the Wind"


"Happy Gilmore


Jen Baird -

"As Good As It Gets


Greg Webb, executive producer -

"Forrest Gump

" or

"The King's Speech


Jim Eftink, producer


"The Godfather


Marsha Clinch, producer -

"Mary Poppins


Holly Brantley -

"Breakfast at Tiffany's"

Carly O'Keefe -


Rochelle Steffen, photojournalist -

"Tank Girl"

Rob Foote, photojournalist -

"Plant of the Apes"

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