Cape Girardeau man missing hearing earpieces, fears safety

Cape Girardeau man missing hearing earpieces, fears safety
The hearing devices are similair to these (Source:
The hearing devices are similair to these (Source:
The earpiece case (Source: Luke Edwards)
The earpiece case (Source: Luke Edwards)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Luke Edwards of Cape Girardeau is missing his aid to hearing sounds around him.

He said he may have lost his Cochlear sound processors at the Anytime Fitness gym in Cape Girardeau sometime on Friday.

It was the last place he took them out. Edwards cannot hear without them.

"If I could donate one of my kidneys I would. That's how much it means to me," Luke Edwards said. "You don't know how hard it is until what it's like to lose one of your senses. This is something that is really hard to explain."

Edwards will be driving home tonight to Springfield, Illinois without his hearing earpieces and says it will be dangerous to do so without hearing traffic.

He has to meet with his audiologist on Monday in hopes to order a replacement, but he hopes he can find the lost devices soon.

Luke is also a student at Southeast Missouri State University.

The processors are called the Cochlear Nucleus 6.

His concerned dad called Heartland News from Springfield, Illinois. He's concerned about his son's safety.

The dad went on to say that he just wants an extra set of eyes around the city to help find the implants. They may be on the street, or somewhere. They are in an eyeglass-type case.

If people don't know what they are they may just throw it down and leave it somewhere, the dad said.

Luke's dad says it will take an extra $2,000 and a week to get extras from the company. But, the dad could offer a reward for their safe return.

Luke Edwards has also met with Cape Girardeau police about it.

If you find the earpieces and can help Luke Edwards, contact the Cape Girardeau Police Department.

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