Open house highlighted downtown properties for sale

Open house highlighted downtown properties for sale

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The non-profit Old Town Cape highlighted eight commercial properties that are either for lease or sale in the downtown area on Thursday.

According to Development and Resources Coordinator Kevin Taylor, the goal was to emphasize that downtown is a great place to do business.

"When people come to Cape, they want to see their downtown because that's what makes Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau," Taylor said.

Local business owner Cathy Pincksten said she enjoys having her store Merci located downtown.

"I feel like the stores that have come in, it's made a great improvement for downtown," Pincksten said.

However, Pincksten said she feels that if there were more restaurants and attractions downtown, more people would visit there.

"I just believe that if the downtown had more to offer, I think that that would improve my business greatly," Pincksten said.

Helen Schott said she remembers when downtown was the only place to shop.

She said now that the mall is there, she doesn't have a need to be downtown as much.

"There's not that many restaurants down here, there used to be more restaurants and there's just not that here. You can come down and look at the river. The river is always an attraction, but other than that, no, there's really not a reason," Schott said.

According to Old Town Cape, business is on the upward spiral.

In the last eight months, 50 new net jobs were created more than $500,000 was spent in public improvements downtown.

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