Reward money offered for information on Cape Girardeau County crimes

Reward money offered for information on Cape Girardeau County crimes

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Two recent shootings in Cape Girardeau County with no arrests.

Authorities say they've exhausted all leads, but hope an incentive will get the public involved.

That incentive is a possible pay day.

Investigators are looking for information surrounding the murder of Joshua Dibert in Cape Girardeau and a second case from June 5 where a man was shot six times in his Cape Rock Village apartment.

The sheriff's department announced a total of $20,000 in rewards for information leading to convictions in those cases.

"You know we've always relied on information from the public to assist law enforcement in help solving crime and police can only do so much," said Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Captain David James.

Capt. James said they've followed every lead, but come up empty handed.

Now they hope the public can help.

Sheriff John Jordan requested money from the County Law Enforcement Restitution Fund hoping it would get people talking.

"In our shooting and an example like the recent homicide in Cape, when you exhaust a large amount of leads, then you pretty much rely on the community to try to help," Capt. James said.

There are two rewards. One $10,000 reward for each crime.

Officials say these unsolved violent crimes are indicative of a bigger problem.

"Recently it seems like crime is getting really out of hand and a lot of shots fired calls," said Capt. James.

It's not just the up tick in violent street crimes, but the nature of these two particular crimes that prompted such a large reward.

Captain James said even if you think you know something small it's worth calling.

That may just be the information they need to build a case.

"Because they never really know. What little information they may have may just be what we need,"said Capt. James. "We may have parts of it already, but we may just need a little bit more."

If you have information on the homicide call Cape P.D.

And if you have information on the home invasion, you're asked to call the sheriff's office.

Information can be given confidentially and still be able to collect the rewards.

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